Alright, here is deefer's journey on Mineland!

Part 1: The prison.

I am deefer. I am scrolling down the list of cracked servers for me to play. I see a server that has a rhombus icon. I was intrigued and decided to copy the IP. I opened up my Minecraft launcher and went to the multiplayer mode, I then proceed to paste the IP. I joined the server itself and was clueless about what this server had to offer. I saw a compass in my hot bar at the 4th slot so I right-clicked it and turns out it is a game menu. I look around to see all the game modes for a minute then decide to try out prison. I joined it, and am now stuck inside a room with a ton of dirt piled on each other. I saw a book and check to see what is inside. I read it and now understand that I need to use the shovel in my hot bar to shovel them up. I collected enough and got teleported to a new area that seems to be a lot bigger. I wander around and almost lose. I also saw a lot of players with “Level” above their heads and their clothes were different from mine. I was clueless about how did they get those gears. But when I opened up the book again I finally understood that I need to complete the quests in order to level up. So I shovel a bunch of dirt and then sell them to get some money. I opened the book and completed the quest. I am now finally level 2, I have unlocked some new stuff and I see that I am now able to upgrade my gears and tools. I am so excited because I expect to be like the players that I saw previously. I grind and grind non-stop and when I finally level up to level 10. I see the book was telling me that I can now join a faction that will give me boosts depending on the faction I choose. I chose Miner because I think that it will be helpful thing for me in the future. But most importantly, I can now go past the barrier and go to a whole completely different section of the prison. I look around and see that terrain here is much tougher but because the quests include mining irons and coals, I have to find them all by myself as time goes by, I couldn’t find it so I ask on the chat whether someone is willing to help me and a person says “sure”. Little did I know that person will become one of my first friends ever on this server. I ask him what is his coordinates and he messaged me. When I arrive at the coordinates, he guides me to the mines we both need some coals and irons so he decides to stay there for a little bit. We chat with each other and slowly become friends. He eventually sent a friend request to me but I was completely new to the server and didn’t know how to accept it. Luckily, I was told by him as well, and accepted the request. After a few hours of grinding, we were so tired and decide to take a break. I was so happy about the new friend that I made and couldn’t wait for tomorrow. The next day, I joined but didn’t see him online so I grind to level 23. I felt pretty lonely that day and decided to take a break and hope that he will join in the next day. But unfortunately, he didn’t join in the next day either so I was desperate and left the server.

Part 2: Creative+.

A few months later, in June 2021 I decided to return to playing Minecraft like in the old days. I checked singleplayer to see if my world was still there and it was. I was pretty pleased and decided it is time to check multiplayer to see what server I have played before. I scrolled and then found the familiar rhombus-looking and I realized it was the old server with the prison game mode I had played before. So I joined to see if it changed anything and to my surprise, everything had changed: the hub, the scoreboard, the compass … I opened up the compass once again and moved my cursor to each item, and then, I saw an enchanted diamond. I immediately looked at what is it and it was titled “Creative+”. At first, I thought it was like the Creative in the other servers where players can build stuff inside their plot and I didn’t like that type of game mode at all. But as I look closer at the description of it, I became more intrigued knowing I can make my own games with functional features and people can play them, I was excited. I right-clicked it and it proceeded to teleport me into a hub. The hub consisted of 7 NPCs. Each of them had a hologram that showed “Creative ENG”, and “Creative RU” along with numbers. I joined each of them to see what features they have and turns out, it was the same for every server that I joined. The only difference was the spoken language. As I am an English player, I went to the English hub section and saw 2 NPCs: Creative Eng#1, and Creative Eng#2. I chose Creative Eng#1 because it had more players. It then again, teleported me to another hub, I was confused because why are there so many hubs for a game mode? I walked around and saw an altar, I opened it up and it had some cases in it, I didn’t open it as I wasn’t interested nor knew what they give. I saw even more players as I went to the center of the hub. I thought it was time to try out some mini-games here. I right-clicked the compass and saw 3 types of items shown in the menu: Brick, Diamond, and Barrier. I didn’t know what was their purpose but I ignored them and joined a random game anyway. It was a parkour game and whenever I fell, I will be teleported to the spawn point immediately. I was amazed and thinking how did they do this. The second game I tried was a mining simulator game. I loved mining games because I was a grinder and now I finally got a chance to play my favorite game in Mineland. After a few hours of playing, I got tired and decided to take a break, but before doing it I created a world to see the coding features. I did /dev according to the message shown on the chatbox when I joined and it teleported me to a glass-plain area along with some items. I opened up my inventory to check what were these items and it turns out, it was coding blocks. I didn’t know the syntax or the coding order in Mineland so I took a little nap.

Part 3: The start of a friendship.

The date was July 07, 2021, 3 weeks after my return. I joined Mineland, collected my daily rewards like usual. I opened the compass to check if there were any good games, but the only games were PVP parkours, mining simulators, and some parkour games. I proceeded to join a random mining simulator and it was named “OP Mining Simulator”, the “OP” got a strikethrough and the whole name is covered in pink and light blue. I got curious and joined it. 7 seconds after the world loaded, I pressed TAB to check the online players and asked on the world chat who was the owner, his name was “jven830” and he was and still is a non-ranked player. I started gathering resources and crafting for myself a better pickaxe. The game was pretty classic, not much was implemented into the game except the scoreboard and the resources. I stood out of the safe area after crafting for myself a diamond sword and diamond armor. I asked where was the enchanting table and he gave me one. Whilst I was enchanting, I saw a lot of death messages suddenly appear on my chatbox and decided to stop and go check out what was happening, turns out it was an admin of the world abusing potions to kill people. I even saw some obsidian shelters but they couldn’t escape as the admin had access to creative mode. Because of this, I left the game immediately trying to not get killed. 2 days later, I rejoined the game and the admin wasn’t there anymore, but another 2 staff were there. I was very curious and asked jven830 about the world’s staff system. He said that there are 2 admins and 3 staff. I asked if he could demote one of them or remove their access to creative mode and he responded “name? and why?”. I told him he had been bullying a lot of players and some of them even get spawn killed. I waited for his response and he told me that he will “turn” me into a staff. I was surprised and asked if he was being serious. He joined the game and made whenever I chat something, there will be a prefix next to my name. He even made me access to OP items. At first, I didn’t know what to do so I just built random stuff. But most importantly, I and jven830 slowly became friends. Whenever he joined, I will tell him “I was waiting for you super long, I felt like I wanted to quit this server forever without you and your world”. Then, he added me as his friend. jven830 was my first creative+ friend but our friendship didn’t last for long as when he promoted me more and more, I became more overexcited and started to abuse my power. He even gave /dev to me because he thought I would be a good coder and helped him code difficult things. But then I kicked one of his admins and banned him using code, the admin told jven830 to unban him and ban me instead so jven830 joined the world and blacklisted me immediately and unbanned him. I was kinda confused at first then I thought that jven830 had found out about that so I and jven830 were having a conversation and we started to argue, as the argument became worsen, so did our friendship. I got enough of jven830 and decided to delete him from my friend list and ignored him. I regret doing so but because of jven830, I also learned to code kick stick, open inventory of someone, prefix, and chat colors.

Part 4: TheTarr.



Just for deefer’s hard work, I’m gonna read this all

About the faction, are you making a part 2 on prison, because you said “miner would be useful in the FUTURE”, in the future, are you making a part 2?

This is based on my real experience, I quit prison a long time ago as you can see at the end of the story. FYI, miner gives a mining speed boost and increases the item dropping %. Everyday I will add a new part to the “novel”.

Miner is very bad for players with bad ping(99%of players) u have to wait for item to get into ur inv to consider it broken

What do you expect, tick speed controls everything in Minecraft.

journey stapped? deefer ded? that kidz alive?