Anyone having this bug?

does anybody receiving bug messages on creative like “you are already connected to this proxy!” and “internal exception: java.ioIOException: an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”? if do, pls help me raise this post so the moders and admins can see.

yes, many times. It’s just server having hard times

oh okay. thanks for the reply.

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same, i also got ths bug for several time

Even a 6 y/o understands what “already connected” means. An existing connection closed by the remote host means your pre-connected account has been automatically kicked from the server. Which allows you to join after several minutes since the message.

But how did i get kicked?

You didn’t get kicked, that message appears when you try to join the server whilst your account is still on (which clearly it isnt)

Hello! Are you still facing this issue?

Yes i am too, still facing this issue

Try using MineCraft 1.12.2, as it is the version of the server core. If the error still occurs even on 1.12.2, describe the circumstances in which it happens as detailed as you can.

Tester² De_Mira