AploxRuins's Ban Appeal

User Name: AploxRuins

In-Game Name: AploxRuins

Ban Reason: Multi-Account.

Why should we unban you? I do not believe I have a second account, unless you are thinking about my clownperice2000 account which is a account I had whilst I was on cracked Minecraft, I then got premium Minecraft and made a new account. If I have broke a major rule I really do apologise as all I wanted to do was have fun whilst playing on premium on this server!

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

bro, that punishment was given over 1 year ago…

With no love for you, Paro
no homo

Anany ban appeal made after 7 days of ban is a instant deny.

stfu op u dont know the first thing abt getting unbanned

Hello @AploxRuins,

Ignoring the fact that your ban was issued a while back, I investigated your case and deemed your ban invalid. We are sorry for any inconvinience caused. You are free to join back at the server.
Ban appeal accepted.

Have a nice day ahead!
Youarefat_ | Moder⁺