Apparently there is this guy impersonating me. And I'm pissed

I don’t even know where to start, I feel screwed over, because this guy named Stewiethepro12

was acting like me, being extremely toxic. At first, they impersonated me ingame, saying they were my alt. Him being an annoying sibling, who has access to my PC, and viewed screenshots, of me roasting midnight, aswell as hijacking my discord (hadwyn), which, I have deleted. Anyways, reaching me will be impossible. And the player responsible is Stewiethepro12. I do hope they get banned off the forums.

@Pengu stop impersonating broski

Didnt he quit ml ? (20 chars annoying tbh)

so if ur real where is the proof?

I can confirm he is real as he was in my game while he made this account.

I know how does it feel. You know when I was staff in different server I was getting impersonated by 100’s of players. They were banned from discord , forums , in-game immediately. But, once i was on vacation when a guy made a fake acc claiming it’s me and and started abusing etc. The staff of the server was not good and I was on vacation not available to notice that. But, eventually he got banned and i had to prove i an real.