Application for moderator

Hello Im here to apply for moderator
About me:
Name:Dmitrij Kurbakov
In-Game Name:StarPlanet16045
Professional pvper and streamer
I want to apply because i think i would be a great moderator to make sure server is secured no toxic players,hackers,bullies and i could try to make new updates for bedwars and skywars…So Yeah…sometimes when im playing skywars i see someone hacking i always report these people but moderators do nothing they saying “report hacker” and i keep doing that and these hackers keep hacking so i think i would be great moderator not just to ban hackers but to attract newbies to server and show them how to play skywars or bedwars…
Im being active everyday in the server i play 3-4 hours so please if you got other questions reply to this topic or message me on discord