Apply for Moderator

logo_small_ml Greetings Mineland players! logo_small_ml

We’ve officially opened back the English community and we’re currently looking for help!
If you believe you know the rules well, and you pass the requirements, make sure to apply now!

:exclamation: Breaking any of these rules will result in an automatic denial without notice :exclamation:

  • Do not apply if you are less than 15 years old.
  • Must be member of the server for more than 30 days.
  • Must have at least 4 days of ingame playtime.
  • Any lies within the answers, will result in an instant denial/removal of the application/rank.
  • If you were banned during the period of a month before the application was sent, do not apply.
  • If you got banned while having an application open, your app will be denied.
  • Do not have more than 1 application open at a time.
  • If you already are a staff member on any other public server, you will be denied.
  • Do not lie within the application or copy another application
  • Bugging a staff member about your application, be it server, forums, Discord or elsewhere will result in an automatic denial.

:white_check_mark: Tips for the Application :white_check_mark:

  • Write as much as you can
  • Don’t just say “I am a well experienced member in moderation”, explain how you are experienced. -
  • Explain all your talents and interests in as much detail as possible
  • Write with your absolute best grammar possible and avoid typos and punctuation errors.
  • Don’t tell us only 1 reason why you want to be a staff member of Mineland-Community. Many of you say “I want to ban hackers”. This won’t bring you far. You need to explain with more reasons why you want to be a staff member in a neat and detailed format. Put every detail of your interest in the application.

Apply here :

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Hurry up! :hourglass_flowing_sand:The Applications may close at any minute.