Applying for Mineland Network Moderator

Respected Mineland Network,
I apply for moderator and I don’t get any response can you please resolve this problem & send me if it is accepted or not .

Thanks & Regards
Nametag- anishverma

We donnot do this here

Hello @anishverma ,

If you dont get any Respond while the Month, means = Denied
If you get a Repsonse = Accepted

Responses are mailed via Discord.

Good luck!
DJ | Moderator³

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But are there any chance to become a moderator

yes, there is a lot of chance xd

Can you do any thing in to me a moderator

I swear I take my all responsibilitys

nop, you need to wait until some Core writes you. :man_shrugging:

I hope it would reply thank if I get a chance to be a moderator

Thanks respected Mineland Network
&Also thanks @DJMahirNationTV bro