Arshaz's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Arshaz

Discord Name And Tag: Arshaz#5801

Discord ID: 702530806840557618

Ban Reason: I dont remember but it long time ago

Why should we unban you? Hello, I am Arshaz a Donator in the server Mineland Network. I have been here since early 2020, nearly 3 years of experience and fun with your minigames and friends. Recently, I joined to your Discord server:Mineland Network so I can chat and share memes with the wole server, even when I was not online. The days were passing, and I was an active Expert there (since I have linked my account) because i wanted to make silver to buy a pet and exp to lvl up. But one normal day, when I got informed that the word “Gay” was allowed to say there, I unfortunately spammed that word. I didn’t know anything about a ban rule for something like that. I mean I didn’t mean to offence anyone. Furthermore, I was looking forward to stay in the Discord server, in order to become a Moder in the Minecraft server. Since then, I could discuss some topics about bans, mutes and other Mineland related stuff. I have regretted what I did and if that was offensive or sarcastic yo some people, I am really sorry. Thank you.

Proof: Click Here

Dear @Arshaz,

After reviewing your case, you have been suspected of multi-accounting due to this discord ban appeal having identical text and information to one of the other discord ban appeals, therefore you will be re-banned from the discord server and this appeal will be denied among other appeals that have been generated.

Discord ban Appeal Denied

I wish you a good day,
CookieDragon32 | Discord Moderator Justice