Asdeep's Ban Appeal

User Name: Asdeep

In-Game Name: Asdeep

Ban Reason: By passing

Why should we unban you? I was ban for only 60 days but i got ban for more days i didnt even played mineland i was waiting to get unban but i got ban for 118 days for no reason I know i did a mistake but it wont happen again pls can i get only ban for 60 days again pls!!!

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Dear @Asdeep,

Upon further investigation, you were found bypassing the ban on your main account numerous times with one of your alt accounts. Therefore, no second chances will be given and no unbans on your account will be issued. Please read our server’s rules carefuly so you avoid such cases in the future.
Ban appeal denied

I wish you a great day ahead,
Youarefat_ | Justice