Ban Appeal, Get banned for no reason

i got banned for no reason because 6.1 like wthell i didnt bypass the mute

this ass banning me for no reason + i got banned for 6.1 and i will never do that on 10 hours mute, Moderators, Actually trash anticheat
like wtf i get banne for the reason i didnt do!

l get good and cry about it


Please make an Ban-Appeal here

Also, swearing in forums thread is against the rules.

L “I get good” “I” L

I got ban for 3.1 reason for 2 months it sys 59 days and something i did abuse but i said sorry to him and he said its ok but nvm why im banned for 2 months when it should be 2 weeks my username is

Before they banned My Shinchi acc for no reason i was expert in it
also tell me about that plz
why it banned there is no reason attached but it says
rejoin with prem acc i never played prem acc so why i should buy now

Ashir please join mineland’s discord server and head to assistance-required they will help you.
Secondly, ‘3.1’ ban is for 30 days and you are not allowed to play with any alt during the ban as it is bypassing ban.

I would recommend you to read rules and avoid such punishments in future.

it says 14 days and i got ban for 59 days and your saying 30 days plz check

Sorry doesn’t cut it you shall take ur punishment like a man


14d is for ‘Disturbution of chat programs’ and you are banned for ‘3.1 - cheating’ and for cheating it is 30d.
If you have further any doubt you can ask me.

60 days because it is 3.1 - Cheating + double ban meaning it was 30d before and you received a 2nd one so it was 60d obviously

pls unban me ;-; username = gamer_shivam and prolegendrx

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u mf u got me banned for 160 days + multiacc so take L


Head to this link and make an ban appeal.

Beat of luck :crossed_fingers: