Basnara's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: basnara

Discord Name And Tag: an infant#5883

Discord ID:791750319108653096

Ban Reason: “advertising”

Why should we unban you?

I got banned because i mentioned another servers name.
the mods told me you could mention servers with higher player count than mineland and the only exceptions were 2b2t and hypixel. allowing 2b2t is wrong on so many levels (explained later)
so i mentioned a server with higher average player count than mineland. the server was extremely pay to win so it wouldnt be an ad either (no adequate player wants to play on p2w servers) and i got, suprisingly, banned for “advertising”. In my defense, i have done research. the mentioned server’s player count on average is 2544.6428571429 which rounds up to 2545 (graph included)
RED COVERS THE NAME OF THE SERVER I MENTIONED :warning::warning::warning::warning:
… while mineland had 2484

meaning 2545>>2484
so technically i didnt break the rules yet got banned

tldr i covered the servers name because saying the t word will get you banned from life

  1. also not accepting averages is not fair
    heres why:
    we have two servers A and B
    server a is located in a +12 timezone
    server b is located in a +1 timezone
    difference is 11 hours (змінено)
    while server A got peak player count (its daytime there) (змінено)
    on server b theres not much players because its night there
    but server b could have 20k players on peak time (daytime) (змінено)
    and 5k at night
    while the server A has 10k because its daytime
    so because of these rules
    mentioning the servers at different times lead to different punishments
    from a warn to a ban
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Hello there,

I’ve already cleared up most of the misunderstanding in dms on Discord. Regarding the ban you’ve received you will be getting a second chance, please be aware that you should be reading the rules based on the server and not from another mineland server or forums, not all the rules are the same. If you do get banned again under any reason you will not be getting any more chances and all further appeals will be denied.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day,
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