Binbaz's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: binbaz

Discord Name And Tag: Rashed3901#7866

Discord ID: 698633450688610486

Ban Reason: Asking for unban

Why should we unban you? i got banned for asking for unban in 2021
i got unbanned ingame from a mineland forum
And i really want to be unbanned and see the donate chat
i wann ask you question how to link a minecraft account in discord

Proof: Click Here

is it denied or accepted?

Hello there.

I reviewed the ban details and it says here that you were banned from the server for advertising and not asking for an unban. We will be giving you a second chance as this was your first and the ban was in 2020. Please remember to read the rules of the Discord server so this will not happen again.

Also note that if you are banned once again, any ban appeals made after will be denied unless proven false. You may now join back.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day.
LadyAyakashi | Helper Justice