bloody_fight's Ban Appeal

User Name: bloody_fight

In-Game Name: Bloody_Fight

Ban Reason: Rule 9.2 Abuse Of Power

Why should we unban you? I am writing to appeal my ban for breaking Rule 9.2, Abuse of Power, by muting a staff member as a joke or warning I do not quite remember. While I acknowledge that my behavior was inappropriate, I believe that a ban for 105 days is a harsh punishment for the offense.

I would like to express my sincere apologies to the staff member for my actions. I understand that it is important to be respectful and appropriate at all times, and I deeply regret the harm and inconvenience caused by my behavior.

I have already served 86 days of my ban, and with only 19 days remaining, I would like to request that my ban be lifted so that I may rejoin the community. I assure you that I have learned my lesson and will not repeat my mistake. I understand the importance of following the community’s rules and respecting those in positions of authority. (Note: I am not quite sure for how many days I was banned, But I think it was around 105 days)

I would like to request that the length of my ban be reconsidered and reduced to a more appropriate duration. I am willing to accept any additional consequences that the staff team may deem necessary to make amends for my actions.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my appeal.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

I agree bro, it should be adjusted to 3650d. SO unfair that they gave u 105… I mean, that’s so… Unfair!

On a more serious note.

A 9.2 ban starts out at 4 hours, doubling each time. Meaning, you are not new to breaking this rule.
You also deserve it. Abusing your power is unforgivable. As it makes me, sum1 who cleans up 9.2 bs, and the mod team’s lives harder.

You don’t deserve to be unbanned

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Mega fruity++ supremo, Parod1es

;-; I agree My behavior was childish and silly at best, yet wouldn’t you say getting banned for 105 for a harmless joke is brutal and a bit too much? I know I was wrong so I served close to 86 days of my ban and am only requesting to be forgiven for the 18 days of the ban which is left. (If your gonna say "You broke the rules so you must suffer its consequences, I agree but Isn’t the point of a ban appeal is to provide a banned player with an opportunity to request that their ban be lifted or shortened? If you even now think it’s wrong of me to ask for a unban or my ban should be shortened, Then tell me what is even the point of a ban appeal in the first place)

Yep, How dare I mute a Noble, How dare I ?
I should be banned for 10 years, Like how can an individual joke and learn from his mistake? Right, me losing my Thousands and thousands of hours periods of work for a joke is the only way I can be forgiven.
Your right chief.

Your ban is valid.
Previously I also muted a mod (by mistake) and i got banned. You won’t/don’t deserve unban.

Oh, well then I need to wait for 18 days

dw ill make sure ur ban gets extended to 210 days <3

Hello @bloody_fight,

The evidence of your punishment is valid. No unbans will be issued. If a simmilar thing happens in the future, we will not hesitate to punish you with a high duration.

I hope you understand,
Youarefat_ | Justice