boObruh3123's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: boObruh3123

Discord Name And Tag: boo#9418

Discord ID: 596194023094616084

Ban Reason: Doxxing

Why should we unban you? Hello. I was banned in the mineland discord at 24/12/2022. The ban reason that I was given was “Doxxing”. I am extremely sorry for my disgusting acts and I regret my actions. At the time of this incident, I hadn’t read the rules carefully and was a nuisance to the entire server, I had accidentally sent a fake IP of a person, which led to my ban. I beg to you to unban me for I have special memories here. I will try my best and take my word, I will be even more careful about the rules afterwards. Thank you.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

Since your violation would be considered breaking discords TOS we will be giving you a second chance as it’s joking around, however if such actions are repeated or any other ban is issued we will be denying all further appeals with no more chances to give.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice