BreadMyButter's Ban Appeal

User Name: BreadMyButter

In-Game Name: ButterMyBread

Ban Reason: 0.2

Why should we unban you? I had gone out the entire day and when I first joined mineland for the first time that day I saw that I had been banned for 0.2 and since I hadn’t joined the whole day I didn’t know what I did.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

dont unban this kid shes 11

only because shes 11 doesnt mean its a reason to not unban her

@I_love_ya ,

You can’t say that “don’t unban this 11 year old kid” if her ban is invalid she would get unban .

yeah bro stfu. u some kid too mf

Hi @BreadMyButter

I will look into this case, please be patient.

Best regards
MiGatooo | Manager

Hi @BreadMyButter

After investigating I came to the conclussion that the 0.2 ban issued to you was not justified as it was not your fault why you got punished. I apologize in behalf of the team for any inconveniences caused by this.

MiGatooo | Manager