Broken loops & dynamic variables


Why is the loop and dynamic variables broken. this counts for my other worlds. uh as long as this persists, coding is ganna be massivly affected. This is very annoying. please fix this asap.

Its probably because of they merged set item and set variable =. Game thinks that the book with value is a item and does set item instead of set variable. Idk why they dont already fix it though.

Use set random variable or combine text instead of that

same, loop => game action spawn entity no work for me. (Before it work)

Everyone knows ml is broken recently so no need to rdgihfring

The plugin for the dynamic variables might’ve actualy have an exposed output, instead of the decoded variable you usualy come across.


This is being fixed and will be ready soon.
Thanks for understanding.

Sincerely, Tester2 femalengative

The issue should have been resolved recently. If you are still facing it, please make a new topic in this category.

Tester² De_Mira