Buckisss's Discord Ban Appeal | Accepted

Username: buckisss

Discord Name And Tag: bukis#4129

Discord ID: 660143971867164723

Ban Reason: DM advertising

Why should we unban you? From my previous discord ban appeal, Its the same reason, I was hacked again a few months ago and haven’t made an appeal yet, and I would like to get an appeal.

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

Since this has happened multiples times already, we will be the last time you will be given a chance, we can’t keep giving you chances if you manage to get your account compromised every time. Please be wary of the links you click, change your password, enable 2FA. If you get hacked again and get banned no more chances will be given.

Appeal accepted.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice