Bug in arrays sorting

So like
My conscience is telling me that sorting items means it will sort all elements in a array in ascending or descending order but in my game i coded so that when player kills it makes a variable (ok) that is gonna look like
{%player%kills %player%} and combine text in to a variable called killers list
Then i did split into elements of that killers list variable so every element in array so formed is like 22 ezezeez(example) then i sorted it descending order
But this descending order sorting isn’t working properly it is not sorting things in any order its working for small number of elements but not for large number of elements i would like to know if this is working properly because I’m positive it’s coded properly
Does it sort numericallly or alphabetically but it is not sorting of any kind in my game come /ad wppvp and i will show u code and you can confirm
Thanks for reading


Describe here your code step by step or attach screenshots to understand your problem

It sorts numerically and alphabetically depends on whether the variable contains number or letter most, in some cases it might sort in both method

Ok give me one day don’t close

ok this is the code
and this is the output given by it
the text which i wrote is split into text then sorted by saving it in a different array then i convert the array into a string and lastly i send that string as a message to myself
the array is not sorting numerically but its working fine in alphabetacally here is an example
so yeah anything more u want as proof?

Check your code, else send it to gitlab

gitlab deleted my report saying that your report is being handled in forums
and what can be problem in code its the most basic one?
like you can see for yourself it works fine for letters but not for numbers

oh wait I think it is because of the sorting order, like ascending and descending as I can see on the ss it sorts smaller->greater from 10->0

wait nvm no it messed up

smh the image is too blur so I cant see what you did

lmfao i only consideres the first number
so 5 3 13 111 43 222 in descending order will be 5 43 3 222 13 111
lmao good plugin that only considers the first letter now i get it why the code worked in early stages of game

yeah i kinda noticed that at first :nerd_face:

i didnt notice :frowning: guess i have to take on my glasses :nerd_face:

:nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: gang is bestzzzzzzzzzzz


Thank you for the information! This is a bug and has been reported to the developers.

Sincerely, Tester1 femalengative