Bug in Server Voting

It’s been 2 days in the month on January and I have been consistently voting for the server for these two days. While studying about the maximum number of time a person can vote for a server I found out that a player should only be able to vote for a maximum of 5 times per day.
However while voting, I can’t help but notice people like PaKicek, mag100, and LowerAge who have been able to vote 12, 11, 11 times respectively.
A person can vote in the following way :-
1.TopMinecraftServers (Every 24 hours = 1 Vote)
2. TopG.org (Every 12 hours = 2 Votes)
3. MCSL (Every 24 hours = 1 Vote)
4. Minecraft-MP.com (Every 24 hours = 1 Vote)

This adds up to a total of 5 votes in a day.
I have been told that they use bugs and exploits to vote multiple times and that banning them won’t help.
I ask for a fair competition and think that rewards for people like these should be revoked.
I hope you would look into the situation.
Day 2
Day 1

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yes it thx for covering this i am also soo confused about this like how they getting more than 5 votes

Well in theory we should be able to vote up to 6 times a day because there were supposed to be 2 links that renew every 12 hours.

I have tested it out but the maximum number of votes per day is 5.

I haven’t tested it yet so who knows

Hello! This is a bug related to the voting cooldown. It should have been resolved after the votes update, but it seems like it is still revenant. I will inform the developers. They will most likely remove the unfairly gained votes.

Tester² De_Mira

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