Bug in the if variable =



Please provide more information and screenshots so that I understand what your problem is

nvm it not bug with math operations but with the if variable =

here i get the text length from the text “test”, and send a message of the length to the player, then check if the length is = 4 send a message to the player “executed”

but here only the first send message executes

unless you put a parse number only then it will execute the second send message

the “if variable equals” doesn’t recognize the input variable is an integer from the “get text length”, unless you “parse number” first
this is also the case when u “set variable = clicked slot/new slot/old slot” it doesnt work unless parsed

but the variable is not a string as when u set variable += 1 it doesnt give error but then if the variable is a integer then the “if variable equals” should work without needing “parse number”

it might be small bug with easy workaround but it could cause confusion as to why someone’s code isn’t working

Thank you for the information, this bug has been reported to the developers.

Have a nice day!
Sincerely, Tester3 femalengative