Bug in variables

i have got this bug for a very long time: when i break a specific block its supposed to increment variable and send a message but when i break that block it sends the error message and the whole lore of the number item. i checked code but i found nothing wrong

you may not find anything wrong with your code but it may be just that the code doesnt work the way you think it would

Send a screenshot or a video of your code.

yoo this bug is back in mineland now?

Its always been this way.

idk because it worked then it stopped working

why do u use looking at block instead of block equals?

check if there are missing pistons

in the code?
if yes no

Sometimes when you are working with code (changing something) items in code chests can switch places or even disappear. In increment variable code check if dynamic variable is in left slot and slime ball variable is in right slot. And also check if slime variable has correct value saved in it.
Also if your world is old there was a bug with variables few months ago so any of your dynamic variables could receive wrong value (number var could get text value and other way around). Check this.
If you can’t find what is wrong msg me in game. My IGN is Ezolile.


Is this issue still relevant?

You can close this thread

We checked your code and didn’t notice any problems there.
If this topic is still relevant, then write a report again.

Have a nice day!
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