Bug with Block Interaction

In-game nickname: veddnt
Gamemode: creative+
Client version: 1.12.2
Date and time: 16.03.2023 11:09pm(IST)

Bug Description: There is a bug with player event block interaction.If you cancel the event[Player event{Block Interaction} → Game Action{Cancel event}]. Players can dupe the items planted in a flower pot. The player gets the item in inventory but at the same time, the item is not removed from the pot.

E.g. There’s a cactus in a flower pot, you right-click on the cactus and get it in your inventory and it is not removed from the pot. You can do this infinitely and get as many cacti as you want. This may affect a game where you have to sell items and get money like player-made sky block, survival, etc.

(Can’t provide a video, Extremely sorry)

then try to use the flower into ur inv to make some dye it’s just a visual glitch

brrr yes ur right its a visual bug


As the person above said, this is really just a visual bug and does not cause any harm to the players and the server.

Thank you for your attention.
Sincerely, Tester3 femalengative