CinoxPVP | Some fables

Behind the ‘pearly’ gates of cinoxpvp, are truly disgusting people. Today I will be telling two tales, of the user Parod1es, and xfox_yttt. Some of the worst owners CinoxPvP has ever had


Cinoxpvp used to be one of the most popular mineland games, in middle 2022 it was competing with the game emeraldSMP. Both games, in the prime of their lives.


To put how active cinoxpvp used to be, emeraldSMP, late 2022 (back when the game was in it’s prime of it’s long life). Would average a count of 20 - 30 concurrent players. To put that into perspective, cinoxpvp averaged 40-60. So at this time, both of these games were literally, more active than servers. EmeraldSMP was demolished by cinox because, people thought, it had good ownership.

NOTE CinoxPVP is an amazing game! Please do remember this, just, behind those pristine coding blocks, is a truely dark history


CinoxPVP has had tons of staff throughout it’s life. At first, the application process was simple. You put your name, some reasons why you should be a mod, and you got chosen. But, catastrophe struck.

GhoulGamer45450 and XxMagicWizardxX… Against Penguino

NOTE GhoulGamer45450 has changed, they are now a very nice player. But this was before that. Magic, they are still scum

Now late 2022, a member under the alias of Penguino#0002 Joined the server. They loved playing cinox but never understood it. Through the updates, they waited and waited. Plenty of staff recommended them to ItsMeOpti, but they were never on, or didn’t care. Pengu thought it was because they were inactive, or some other reasons when he came across an incident in chat. A member, ghoulgamer45450 (Discord helper). Muted themself for abuse of power. The toxic XxMagicWizardxX, ex discord helper > moderator, could have let it go, since ghoul had minority. Magic was a higher ranked staff team member. Magic instead, chose an outrageous action. Where they ended up mocking them in chat for their poor grammar and choices. Due to ItsMeOpti being inactive, they never cared about it. Why would they? Magic continued to anger chat messages and act provocative to ghoul. At the time, Penguino was in on it, they were tourmenting GhoulGamer with magic, not realizing what hell they were creating.

GhoulGamer, who had enough, resigned from staff. MagicWizard being fired shortly after for making their life hell by ItsMeOpti. Penguino was never punished, they were a friend of ItsMeOpti. He taught ItsMeOpti a lot of coding and for that, they were treated above his own staff team. Shortly after, he was given the position Discord staff, where his activity skyrocketed. Then he was given the position of moderator, AND developer. Where he created the rank “TERMINAL” deleted. Shortly after, they were given the role administrator.

At the time, penguino let the power get to his head, making the server experience hell to players, he demoted a staff member who was annoying him, and then shortly permanently banned them. Then he unbanned them, only to place a 2 week timeout on their account. They were then ridiculed by other staff, when he decided to do a demotion spree. Demoting inactive, or unfit accounts

  • LruiY07
    and over 3 unnamed others

He then gave their ranks back. Only to take them again. Penguino decided, out of rage. To permanently ban the accounts "GhoulGamer45450 and XxMagicWizardxX
ingame. One of those 2 bans being changed.

A fight for power The dark ages of cinoxPvP

A user named Parod1es decided to join, being impersonated by the Penguino user, also known as stewiethepro12. Their discord was (and still is) Hadwyn#6776. Hadwyn, allready furioius at penguino, decided to apply for staff themself, Penguino, making their biggest mistake as an administrator, decided to accept this application. They then took away penguino’s developer access. Placing an ingame data hold on that account (tempban until removal of whitelist), to ensure they can’t abuse ingame. Xfox_yttt helped this, believing it was right, as penguino had abused their powers enough. Hadwyn, or hayden, (at the time. Parod1es on discord), decided to take the role of admin and terminal ingame. They pushed out good updates, and became a friend of ItsMeOpti, and an enemy of Xfox_yttt. They believed xfox_yttt was unfit for the position of co-owner, due to their toxic attitude, immaturity, and behavior. They spoke to ItsMeOpti about it, opti decided to ignore them once again. So, as an administrator dedicated to helping the game, the user Yuri0nIce / Parod1es, decided to wipe the data of the account xfox_yttt. They were furious with them so they banned Hadwyn from the discord, opti ended up replying this time, angered that xfox kicked a hard working staff member from the team, permanently. So they unbanned Hadwyn, and gave them a position back as administrator. They then left, Hadwyn continued using their position, as an administrator, to prevent xfox_yttt from abusing their powers, or being toxic. Hadwyn, made it impossible for xfox to use their powers. Xfox was unable to do anything, due to hayden’s connections to Opti.

The end xFox_yttt’s mistake

At this point, opti was beginning to see the true colours of who they hired as a co-owner, being painted in a horrible image by Hadwyn, however… This was not enough to demote them. While hayden was at school, xfox proceeded to massban the server, they then nuked it and took away Hawyn’s roles. Putting a tag called ‘Server nuker by haydewn’- word for word, Both ItsMeOpti and Hadwyn were furious, ItsMeOpti not seeing the audit logs. Hadwyn decided to help rebuild the server, being given owner rank. Now, with unlimited permission, Parod1es passed the ‘xfox_yttt act’. Being, any positive support to the user xfox_yttt will result in equal punishment. Hadwyn, had enough of xfox_yttt. Then, in a questionable turn of events, Hadwyn ended up bullying xfox_yttt in dms, and doing, what can be described as, equal acts to their server, using a fake account named ‘Cute_fox’ or gallupine. They caused chaos in the server.

Hayden and Opti truly care for cinoxpvp, there is no doubt against that. But the ways they got there, sniping ads for other games and stomping on their staff, show how opaque some of the admins truly are. Hayden has done many things, not all positive, to boost cinoxpvp, to try to get it active, but… Not all of them are as black and white as they seem.

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