Coding wiki (by deefer)

This is a thread where I will be putting ways to code different things like “@kick command” and “personal scoreboard” and people can look up which code will be helpful for them. Every day I will add 10 new codes. About the Questions and Answers thread, I will still answer questions there but not as frequently as before. Instead, I will spend the majority of my time on this thread instead.

The codes are randomized, and things like player actions, arrays, variables are irrelevant so I won’t post nor explain about them. There are tons of tutorials and videos on those; arrays: google or ask any programmers you know. But the uses of arrays? Obviously. So, delete your post and I will wait for 24h then I will delete this response.

Also, if you asked about arrays without having a proper logic then don’t learn coding. You are just like a baby learning math by seeing them with your own eyes not your own brain.