Daily shower thoughts/tips

Shower thought: If we provoked a person while in a conversation, so they provoked us to provoke against them again and again? Shower thought!

Shower thought: How does our brain even figure out the results for easy calculations? Like 1+1=2. Does it like memorize the number orders and 2 is greater than 1 by 1, then how did our brain figure out what is 2-1? Shower thought!

That is called problem solving skill and i have 0 of it ez

Shower thought: How does problem solving skill work?

Shower thought: How the guy who made interent made it without the help of internet?

Shower though: How did someone know how to make a word when not knowing how to structure an explanation without making a letter to make the words?

ill let this pass because you’re clearly a little kid but that isnt how it works

Ctrl + C, Parod1es
Ctrl + V

I’m not a kid anymore stop.

you literally are. Shut up, and the fact that you felt so hurt by that, so much that you had to say you’re not a kid proves it. No one above the age of 12 would say ‘im not a kid anymore’ then stop with a period.

You’re not threatening anyone

Shower tought : How can 5/5 =1, 2/2 = 1 but 0/0 is impossible

bcs lima->0 (1/a) we will get inf+ whilst -1/a we will get inf- thus it is undefined

other simpler way to understand is x*0=1 → x = 1/0 but no numbers multiply by 0 equals 1 thus also undefined

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Player event join game >> if player name equals “Pengu” >> Player action damage number: 999999


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“Body seems unclear, is it a full sentence?” - mineland

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(fnaf 4 midnight noise ambiance) (underswap fanmade gameplay) (atomic heart twins scene)

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