dAnAv5454's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: dAnAv5454

Discord Name And Tag: ! The evil shadow#4044

Discord ID: 777796920486658059

Ban Reason: Its been a long time since i got banned thats why i dont remember the reason

Why should we unban you? I want to get unbanned because when i got banned i just did dumb things. I promise unbanning me from discord wont be a regret. I wont repeat the things again. And i wanna join the mineland’s discord community so that i can stay updated.
i hope you consider on my appeal and provide me a unban…

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

I took a look at your history and noticed you were banned for promotion exploits. Since this violates Discord’s Terms of Service, is considered a harsh violation and you have ban evaded on an alt account we have decided not to give you a second chance.

Ban appeal Denied

Have a nice day
Goofy3319 | Discord Moderator Justice