Day 2/30 of asking random people to suggest a code

OK ok ok ok hello ok

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woah woah “random” people??

suggestion from @veddnt - You level up if you reach certain amount with prestige like in cinoxpvp

Chain 1: Player Join Event > If var != ( %player%Verify, True) > Set variable ( %player%Verify = True ) > Set variable ( %player%xp = 0 ) > Set Variable ( %player%xp-goal = 50 ) Set variable ( %player%level = 0)

Chain 2: Player Kill Event > Set to random number ( %player%Random-xp ,1, 3) > Set variable increment ( %player%xp + %player%Random-xp )

Chain 3 Loop (5 ticks)
Select Random Player > Select players if var ( %selected%xp more or equal than %selected%xp-goal ) > Set variable ( %selected%xp = 0) > Set variable Increment (%selected%xp-goal + 25) Set variable increment ( %selected%level + 1)



print("Thank You!")

wht is this menace , impossible to understand , god

make a turret dat shoot pepol near it

create a loop which checks if a player is near your turret location then save player location in a variable play particle line from turret location to player and then damage the player…

whats the part you dont understand in this? Basically when a player join a game it checks if the player is verified or not, if not then it set’s the variable to true…

kinda cringe, a turret that rotates flexivle way and shoots at its target by projectiles using ray casting not a damn line of effects

we talking about mineland here

WE ARE and I AM ok veddnt sorry im tempted to call u very “smarr”

but actually after the code my patience has been ruined and we no longer friends