Deefer's friend

Here is the list of “not every” deefer’s friend and some dramas:

  1. TheTarr: TheTarr was the first friend of deefer. deefer met TheTarr through his mining simulator game. deefer was addicted to it + his “grinding dedications” to the game were the 2 motivations that led them to become friends.

Impact: TheTarr taught deefer Mineland code’s basic syntaxes which was also the premise for deefer to start learning code by himself in Mineland. He also helped deefer testing several codes, and building worlds.


By the end of 2021, deefer started making his own games as he was having fun testing different codes.

The game was initially about “soup pvp” but then TheTarr and deefer agreed to make some sort of warfare pvp game. deefer asked TheTarr if he could build a desert arena and TheTarr accepted. Whilst TheTarr was building, deefer was both coding and “trolling” him by drinking invisibility potions. TheTarr tried to catch deefer and deefer would be thrown down by the void everytime although he was in creative. Later, whilst deefer was having fun trolling TheTarr, he accidentally set the world’s spawn down the void and the result was they both get spawn killed. deefer tried to do /dev and he succeeded but TheTarr left right before he could even change the spawn location. He asked TheTarr to come back but he said “no”. deefer tried to persuade him as he really wanted the arena to be finished in that day but TheTarr blocked him. deefer got mad and started griefing TheTarr’s mining game and the arena he built for deefer. The next day, TheTarr noticed that his mining game was griefed so he asked deefer whether he did this or not and deefer lied but TheTarr ignored and accused him for griefing. He even told deefer if he witnessed that he would have recorded it and get deefer banned. TheTarr blocked deefer so he couldn’t send any more mails but deefer tried to talk to him using his 2 work accounts but no use.

8 months later, TheTarr unignored deefer and told him to come to his mining world to help him with something and this time TheTarr had the record software ready. deefer accepted but didn’t care about the past and he left right after finished helping him.

TheTarr would then become inactive as he felt Mineland was boring. deefer used his work1 account and sent an apology mail to TheTarr and TheTarr accepted it.

Till now, not much is heard from TheTarr despite deefer still having contact with him through Discord.

  1. itsthetoxic: itsthetoxic was a very toxic person as his name suggested. But somehow, deefer became his friend by helping him in coding world edit. Their friendship was completely horrible as deefer wasn’t an influential player like itsthetoxic back then.

Impact: itsthetoxic was the first person to duel deefer in Mineland.


deefer joined Mineland and saw itsthetoxic was having an argument with everyone on the global chat. At first, he didn’t interfere as he didn’t want to make the argument louder. But not long after, itsthetoxic noticed deefer’s presence and started roasting deefer. deefer also roasted back but to no avail. itsthetoxic started asking everything for a duel and a guy accepted his request. As expected, itsthetoxic won and deefer challenged him to a duel. But to deefer’s surprise, itsthetoxic duel him in the bridge instead of the duel game mode. deefer couldn’t score a single point. As a result, itsthetoxic defeated him easily. After the duel, deefer got roasted offensively, he tried to fight back as he was a horrible bridge player and was playing on 1.12.2 but itsthetoxic left right after that. Few hours later, itsthetoxic got banned for 3650 days.

After 5 months since itsthetoxic was banned, deefer saw someone similar to him by the attitude. Turns out, it was an alt created by itsthetoxic and deefer started roasting him cause of his ban few months ago. itsthetoxic roasted back and deefer felt humiliated. He challenged deefer for another duel but this time, deefer gonna choose the game mode. As expected, deefer chose duel because he was good at pvp back then. deefer won 3-2 and itsthetoxic started to humble him but the only thing deefer said was “ok”.

Not long after his return, itsthetoxic created another alt but this time, he asked whether deefer wanted to become his friend. At first, deefer was pretty confused but later, itsthetoxic asked deefer to come help him with the world edit code (Back then deefer used to help itsthetoxic code world edit). deefer didn’t care much so he just joined, told itsthetoxic to whitelist him then left. itsthetoxic dm deefer why did he leave but no response. That was also the last time deefer saw itsthetoxic in Mineland.

Alright, there are still a lot of undercover mysteries here. First of all, itsthetoxic’s first alt was ip-banned but somehow he managed to join back with his second alt. The proper explanation for this was he had changed his IP. Secondly, itsthetoxic may have been playing in Mineland using his alts for a few months before he decided to show up.

There are still a lot more, but that is all I want to say.

  1. McMaster: McMaster was one of the first deefer’s friends. deefer met McMaster through his death run#2 world.

Impact: McMaster was one of the very fews to know about recursive functions. He helped deefer in several big coding projects such as 24/7 loop (TimeDate variable); EI (Entities Interference); …

McMaster also owns several worlds and he used to make various games but never succeeded as it was tiring.

There was no drama recorded between McMaster and deefer.

  1. sprinkler: Like McMaster, sprinkler was and still one of the first deefer’s friends. deefer met sprinkler by asking whether someone wanted to help him in coding a basic security system and sprinkler accepted.

Impact (to deefer): sprinkler helped deefer through most projects. He helped deefer code the pathfinding algorithm; 24/7 loop; EI; monologues generator; tracer; …

Impact (to sprinkler): Throughout deefer and sprinkler’s journey, deefer taught sprinkler a lot of things so he can help deefer in his coding projects.


There were numerous dramas between deefer and sprinkler but none of them hugely affected the friendship.

The first one was when deefer deleted the testing world which sprinkler and he were coding the pathfinding algorithm. The reason behind this was deefer was kinda upset about the progress they have made. sprinkler asked deefer why and he lied at first and told the reason afterward to avoid arguments. Despite that, sprinkler still ignored him and they came back to be friends after a few days.

The second one was when deefer deleted the duel world which he coded and sprinkler built. The world was unfinished and deefer still wanted to add some game modes but before doing that, deefer told sprinkler to build the lobby. sprinkler invited a lot of his friends like PVPPlayer555, IvanChieng07, … to help the building part faster. Yet, the lobby hadn’t even finished and deefer decided to blow up it as sprinkler “lied” to deefer that he will leave (quit) Mineland soon. The next day, he sent a screenshot of the lobby before deleting the world. sprinkler didn’t respond to the DM for the next couple of days and later, he came back and asked deefer where the duel world is deefer told sprinkler it has been deleted due to his inactivity. sprinkler was mad but deefer refused to tell the full reason.

The final drama was kinda funny and it isn’t considered a “drama” but basically, deefer insulted and told everything he did to sprinkler and sprinkler left and ignored him right after that.

Currently, sprinkler is no longer active as before in Mineland.


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