Diables's Ban Appeal

User Name: Diables

In-Game Name: Diables

Ban Reason: Rule 1.2 -Multiaccount

Why should we unban you? I don t wan t to write a lot because i did times ago.
My first account Diables got banned after i entered in my friend account, i know i I shouldn’t have done it, but please unban me and let me play with my friends.
I promise i will never do it again and accept conseguences if it will happen, but for this time just accept my error and let me play in this holidays.
thanks for reading.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Dear @Diables,

After reviewing your case, it seems that your punishment was issued to you quite a long time ago. As the ban has been some time ago, We will give a second chance and unban your account shortly. If a similar punishment has been issued to your account in the future, do expect future ban appeals to be denied. We apologise for the delayed response and any inconveniences this has caused you

I wish you a good day
Ban Appeal Accepted
CookieDragon32 | Justice