Donofy's Ban Appeal

User Name: Donofy

In-Game Name: Donofy

Ban Reason: Bypassing ban

Why should we unban you? I keep getting banned when I do the smallest things even though I go by the rules most of the time. I only bypassed once. Just to get you guys attention and view my situation because you guys don’t listen to discord dms. It’s almost like you ignore me in a way. I joined one on an account to inform you that I had something to say. Yet you banned me for longer for bypassing. I think you should have acknowledged the way I “didn’t” join and shorten my ban or remove my @. I am not asking for much like a full unban but something for obeying the rules and not joining for the past months.

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Dear @Donofy

It should be very clear for a long time player of this server like you that we punish accordingly if a player breaks rule 3.8. There’s nothing to “acknowledge” because the least you can do is make a ban appeal and stay off the server like every other player.

Appeal denied, every futher appeal made will be deleted without a reply.

Best regards
MiGatooo | Manager