Dragon egg gliched in survival 1

so we where building a cool stronghold portal and because we where the first to kill the dragon we had the dragon egg we put it on a slab right above the portal and i broke it . the egg fall’s into the portal but when we enterd the portal the egg was not there we searched the hole eg island but it was not there even if it fell in the void accoeding to the minecraft wiki it should spawn back in the end but it was not there too upon some searching we found out that if the egg falls in the end portal by sudden it spawns at the world spawn point so we jumped in the portal with no respawn point and we go to a place which cords are 257 93 195 and the egg was not even there i would request the mods to pelase check on it thankyou here is a proof of it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1081593551709814855/1081598970628947968/image.png in the image if you look at the lleft side where the glowstone is you can see the dragon egg and you can see the date and time there to and the score board saying survivals


Classic minecraft survival is different from server survival so it could move anywhere and/or someone else could take the dragon egg at that moment.
I’m sorry but we don’t restore lost items.

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