Dumbest mineland rule #291

one of the most 0 iq rules of mineland must be the fact that talking through code is considered bypassing mute what is player have tried to chat to see if they mute have gone but is not and if the world is no even their own have chat code a simple way is to add if muted code so they are exclude from the chat or do not apply the bypass rule to the C+ world

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Mineland should just code when you got muted, you can’t say anything (Expect /m, /p, /f etc)

Hi there. I have already sent suggestion about this on dc when I witnessed 3 players got banned for using chat command that was not canceled in code in one world which was not theirs (so it is not deliberate breaking of rules). They were muted before that because of spamming that same command. World had custom chat coded.
Unfortunately I do not have solution to offer how this should be resolved since it is not players who send text to chat. Creative code is sending text to chat in players behalf.

Maybe if it is possible Chat Event itself should register if player is muted and cancel all Send Message codes in that line of code (including functions and loops). This way players would be able to type and use world commands without sending any text to chat and also custom coded chat will not work too.

I do not say that all players who get banned for this make a mistake. Some are using this deliberately. Even C++ world owners can code like this on purpose to punish other players.
So this needs to be resolved in some manner.

Best regards from Ezolile.