ezplays's Ban Appeal

User Name: ezplays

In-Game Name: ezezeez

Ban Reason: 3.8 ban bypass

Why should we unban you? Can I please please please get a ban reduction or unban here are the reasons
I am sure that I wasn’t banned in first place so why ban for ban evading?
But if i was banned (which I’m 100% sure i wasn’t) i restart my router every 6 hours because of bad internet in my village so it must have changed the ip which i can do nothing of so to whoever is handling this ban appeal can you tell me why was i banned in first place
If it’s 9.2 then i pasted the command for test muting myself from forums so it can’t be that
And i didn’t play anything except /ad hyperionlf today you can ask fuzail he was with me all day

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

Hello @ezplays,

I’ve issued an unban on your account! You’re free to join back the server. Make sure to re-read rules and follow them at all times!

Ban appeal accepted
Have a nice day!
Youarefat_ | Moderator