Ezplays's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: ezplays

Discord Name And Tag: ezezeez#9665

Discord ID: 949557592429043732

Ban Reason: Custom ban

Why should we unban you? Hmm so how should I put this this was my cleanest day ever just 1 warn 1 mute but still i only connected to 5 servers out of which 2 are mineland’s in fact i joined discord so i can only be a part of community
But I’m sus i get it i probably deserve this ban
But i help many people too
I mean i got most msg a fair number of times without trash talking
Better than being idle after joining a server
I’m free all the time(my exam ended) for like 3 months now
So i will be highly honoured to join the community again :slight_smile:
(No pun , disrespect, sus intented)

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

I have looked into your punishment history and noticed you already had 1 custom verbal warning and 2 custom mutes which both were high-end punishments. Due to the fact that you already had several custom punishments and kept breaking lots of rules after these punishments, we have decided not to give you a second chance. Please be aware that being active and helping people is not an excuse for breaking many rules.

Ban appeal Denied

Have a nice day
goofy3319 | Helper Justice