False ban plz help

Plz unban Shirish Shirish_work and Shirish09 plz it false ban plzzz false ban plz i want o get game r by opening cases and i weak upmorning and my acc ban for bypass i swear i did nothing plzz plz false ban unban me plz

“It false ban plzzz false ban plz”, dude, you need proof to prove it is a false ban for you okay?

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begging for unban nowadays…

How tf is this an accepted ban appeal

Nope, it is just a tag that he selected while making the thread lol.

Thats too bruhhhhh
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I am Himawari_12 And i never hack , I hope i get unbanned in faster time <3 thanks if you help

What exactly hapend , and you have record ? My name user: Himawari_12

. If its false ban then go #other:in-game-ban-appeals

HOW the hell this “appeal” got accepted? Weird

I already explained above, read carefully before posting anything.

Hello there @Shirish ,

Please use the form in:


And appeal there. This here is for Game Developers, use the form for ban appeals. Thanks and good luck

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