Faster coding 👾

What if advanced users could write their code in text based and mineland had a tool to auto convert it into the code blocks? it would make coding much easier and faster

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May i ask, how do you wanna code Text Based in Minecraft? + There will be no Remote supported, if coding on VS Code or smilar to it.

The Command Blocks are in JSON and the Creative+ code is based Java

ya telling me typing faster than placing blocks?

it kinda is and it makes fixing bugs easier what if they made a code editor in mineland studio that connects directly to your world

placing blocks and putting in small texts is already easier than having to type in your
concepts, but yeah i get what you mean like for an example

if you kill an entity you get 3 diamonds, 4 block of iron and you will launch to the sky

idk i think u didnt understand, he is talking about writing codes like in languages Python, Html, etc… with a modified easier-to-use syntaxes.

Instead they should use their time to update C+ and add some useful code like square roots.