Fundamentals About How Entities Interference Work

EI or Entities Interference is the name of action when you try to either extract data from the player or interpolate data into the player’s database through entities (later it was discovered there are many more potentials within it).

It was first discovered by f1nch and hxncus (RU) in 2021. Later was found by BallPen and Matqyou (EN) while they were messing with entities.

To simplify, when someone executes @status deefer. We will spawn an entity with the name deefer. Every variable value that it stores will be assigned to an alternative variable with the tag %default%. After that select the entity again and kill it.

So when an entity dies, every variable namely dynamic variables, and arrays that it stored will be saved. When you spawn it back you can either extract or interpolate data into it.

The advantage of using EI to retrieve data is it can extract data from offline players. Yes, we can also use arrays but it is pretty lengthy. It is also the most relatable method and revolves around how entities and dynamic variables work. But the flaw is that if you continuously spawn the entity and kill it instantly, it can kick you from the game/world. It can also cause some lags too.

EI has more uses like being able to make a partial part of replay mod, making leaderboards with self-generating positions, etcetera…


Can you theorize on how to make if a player dies their items will be stored in a chest and a Entity will appear with the name of %player%'s_Graveyard. If the players clicks the entity it should open the killed player’s loot which was stored previously in a chest.

So just do save inventory on dying and load inventory on clicking mob
If u want to do it the hard way and ur a masochist then save every item in inventory by slots and variable or array then put each item by code in a chest and get the items ez

I would say it is difficult to program a such thing since you would need to constantly update and check for the slot, including item’s meta, item’s id and its situated slot.

2nd option seems better. Thanku

Mhm, too much hard code…

You said 2nd option is better but harder? lul

My method is the same as ezezezs and i dont think you get what i meant

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Lol I think i know why he sees my method is different, it is because u put an “ez” at the end of your thread :rofl:

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I got it what u meant and my hardcode was reffering to this hardcode by hardcode

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WAIT you said “too much hard code” not “too much hard code coding”

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