GapC's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: GapC

Discord Name And Tag: Cod#7065

Discord ID: 813406031953788958

Ban Reason: Gae | Custom

Why should we unban you? Hello I got banned unfairly, I’m not even sure what was the reason since before I was banned I was muted for forbidden topics and at the time I got banned I wasn’t even online, I got screenshots of this unusual custom punishment, from what I know, ft isn’t bannable and any other rule I broke wasn’t bannable either. I hope there won’t be any more cases of staff abuse like this one.

Proof: Click Here

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Hello there,

Although I can confirm that forbidden topics aren’t bannable constant violations of said rule can lead to one, you’ve had constant cases of forbidden topics rules violations mostly consisting of homophobia, there are also cases of swearing and censor evading violations. I should also mention that you’ve gotten 2 custom punishments which should have told you that they aren’t some fancy award that should be displayed, 2 customs at most are enough to make the next one a ban.

Also taking in your side comment be aware that just because you think something is made one way it wont change, mostly the optimization of the server, it’s contents and security which you have mentioned because I’m not sure you’re aware of how developing works and then so Mineland has a small developer team.

After reviewing your appeal, the side comment, history and the messages which caused the violations you will not be getting an unban, if you have any issues or complaints with this please contact me on discord Sin#7188

Appeal denied.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice