GapC's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: GapC

Discord Name And Tag: Cod#7065

Discord ID: 813406031953788958

Ban Reason: Gae | Custom

Why should we unban you? I learned from my mistakes, I was really toxic towards others and now I understand, I believe I became a better less toxic and racist person, If I were to get another chance I wouldn’t broke any of the rules I’ve broken. I hope Justice will reconsider my ban and give me another chance. Sincerely GapC

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

As per Discord ToS as well as our rules on Harassment and Bullying you were given 2 custom mutes and after that still broke these rules constantly in the form of Forbidden Topics where it was decided to give you a Custom Ban as your final punishment.

Seeing as you did not learn your lesson after multiple 12H+ mutes you will not be unbanned.

Ban Appeal Denied

Have a nice day.
Ethan | Helper Justice