Garfielde's Ban Appeal

User Name: Garfielde

In-Game Name: Garfielde

Ban Reason: 2.3, advertising

Why should we unban you? the website i just sent was not a real website, i didnt advertise

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

All link who are not official or not related to Mineland Network (even fake one) are banable !

M4x_FX | Youtube


Please don’t mislead, links which are not real or fake links are allowed. Only if the link is not real.

Please take time to read rules properly

if so, why didnt mope get banned?

i dont have early proof tho

Dear @Garfielde,

After reviewing your case, it appears you are no longer banned from the server. Please take the time to familiarise with the rules to avoid such punishments in the future. Furthermore, we apologise for the late response and any inconvenience this has caused