Godless_Man's Ban Appeal

User Name: Godless_Man

In-Game Name: jautaus11

Ban Reason: 9.2 - Abuse of power

Why should we unban you? So, I saw 1 person advertising his own Minecraft survival server, and I muted him, then I saw the moderator unmuting him and I got banned for 9.2. I went to check the rules and I saw that for advertising is a 1–14-day ban punishment, I’m really sorry for not reading the rules carefully and I promise I won’t do this kind of mistake ever again. I hope I can get unbanned soon. Once again, I’m really sorry for making this stupid mistake.

All love to Mineland :heart:


Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes

maybe you can just ban em then post the proof here

The thing is i didnt know that advertising is a ban punishment, do i muted him incorrectly and i got banned

Hello @Godless_Man!

It appears that you’re no longer banned! Please make sure to check the rules and follow them accordingly!

Ban Appeal Resolved
Good day!
injustice | Manager