GodlyGamingRest's Ban Appeal

User Name: GodlyGamingRest

In-Game Name: GodlyGamingRest

Ban Reason: 1.2 Multi Account

Why should we unban you? What the hell. Injustice u unbanned me but. I got banned again what the hell. Moders plsss fix this I am banned again :frowning:

Proof: Click Here

Have you read the rules? Yes


I’d like to advise some uninvited users that replied to this thread. Users except for the person who made this thread, others are not allowed to reply into it. Consider this as a warning and be careful next time!
@Renazer10 @Helperking22 @MReshico

Good day!
Andrew_Tate | Moderator

Hello @GodlyGamingRest!

After reviewing your case, you’ve been caught to be lying and bypassing the ban as well. This appeal will be denied and no further will be discussed. Make sure to read the server rules to avoid getting punished for such reasons.

Good day!
Andrew_Tate | Moderator