Guide on how to tp to a player ingame

Hm ok u want to tp to a player in ur game hmm
1place player chat event
2place set variable put a variable named iloveamongus at top and use apple variable to get player message and put that apple var one of the left slots inside chest
3then place if variable text contains and place iloveamongus variable at top and place a book named tpto in one of the left slots in chest
4then place sect object select player - if variable -text contains then place iloveamongus variable in top slot and put a book named %selected% in bottom slot
5then put set variable put a variable named amongussus at top slot and use apple variable named current eye location and put apple var in bottom slot
6then place player action teleport to and place ur amongussus variable in slot provided inside
7Shift right click the sign on player action block and choose default player in GUI provided
8 then do /mail send ezezeez sus
To make it work