Hani58's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Hani58

Discord Name And Tag: Hani#8923

Discord ID: #8923

Ban Reason: Advertising server ip by an accident, i posted a gif and it had the hypixel’s id, i didn’t see…

Why should we unban you? I want to chat with other mineland members and join more giveaways i want to know when a event comes or they add a update or updgrade the server.

Proof: Click Here

thats not how a discord ID works… Also, are u even above the age of 12?

Dear @Hani58,

After reviewing your case and your history, the punishment issued to you was valid. However, as this was your first ban, you will be given a second chance and an unban will be issued to you shortly. If this repeats we will be denying any further appeals made without any other chances to be given

I would like to apologise for the delayed response and any inconveniences this may have caused you.

Discord Ban appeal Accepted

I wish you a good day ahead,
CookieDragon32 | Discord Moderator Justice

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