Hauzenex's Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Hauzenex

Discord Name And Tag: anooba#2662

Discord ID: 1053359210433368104

Ban Reason: “Adios.”

Why should we unban you? Ok so i just got banned from mineland discord for apparently, no reason like you can go there out and say that the way im talking is “disrupting of server’s peace” you can give me a mute or do what you want isn’t that apparently what you’re allowed to? create your own rules do your funny jokes and all that stuff, but a ban?, think with me you say now that “adios” is a rule or something you just wanna ban me cause you dont like me and then the “good guys” are just there like LMFAO xD laughing off at me while i cant say anything now your joke to make your friends laugh or something compromises me, like even though that i normally go to the server only to talk something or other things im still a player of mineland i still have to go there when i need and do a /who command i still need to be there to go on giveaways, use commands, if i have something to give like a suggestion or request a prefix/sufix also, even if i wanted to be a moder when i was old enough but when i go to the server it says that im just banned cause of the things i did in the past, for me, this is just abuse of power the “moder” doesn’t like me like alot of players from mineland and he got the power, he got the rights, he can do what he want, there is gonna be people who hate me and is gonna say like “lmfao this kid is crying to get unbanned” or something like that it may be fun to you but not to me so id want a unban simply cause i dont see a reason for me to get banned like that and i will probably need to be on that server later in the future but when i most need it i wont be there. :slight_smile:

Proof: Click Here

Hello there,

I am well aware of what happened and the reason issued for. Firstly we’re sorry for the inconvenience of the false reason as we forgot to add that is it s a custom punishment and that we wont be subtracting the ban. Just a minor heads up is that ingame rules are not like discord rules and exceptions can be made.

I’m well aware of your ingame history and what you do there, so due to the toxicity and other reasons we decided not to risk making a bad image of letting a person do anything they wish to without consequences. Due to the repeated increases of your severe violation count rising slowly we decided to push the custom.

And we saw that you had concerns about contacting about suggestions and requests being fulfilled and we wont be unbanning you just for that as there are other ways to do so. For suggestions you’re free to give them here on the forums. For the requests you can message Mineland VK.

However under certain circumstances we may or may not let you return to the server if you do change, lower the toxicity and so on and forth. You can appeal again in 6 months and by that time there should be more than enough time for changes to happen, although if you’re thinking of doing this and then going back to your old ways we will wont hesitate to reissue the ban.

Appeal denied.

Have a nice day,
LucyTheLucifer | Helper Justice