Helper, Support & Imperator Starter Guide

First of all we would like to start by thanking you not only for donating to the server but also for trying to help to enforce the rules of it. Now lets start our guide to get you started! :wink:

  • Do NOT use your power for personal reasons including but not limited to:
  • Banning & unbanning someone for no reason.
  • Unmuting & muting someone for no reason.
  • Kicking someone for no reason
  • Flying without permission (Ex: flying in someone’s world in Creative+ without permission)
  • Do NOT write off-topic in staff chat.

You’re required to have proof of all your bans.
Failing to provide proof upon administration request or providing a fake proof will result in you getting punished.
You’re NOT part of the staff team, impersonating that will result in you getting punished.
We DON’T issue punishments on breaking chat rules in private messages, in those cases just do /ignore.
Do NOT issue bans for rules 1.1, 1.4, 4.2, 4.3 and 10.2

  • Do NOT answer reports related to chat if you do not have proof, leave them for actual moders to answer as they can get proof.
  • Do NOT answer reports related to you or another staff getting accused of abusing, those reports are dealt by moderators.
  • Do NOT answer reports starting with a capital letter or ending with a punctuation mark. (Ex: ! , . ?)
  • Do NOT answer reports in a rude/insulting way.
  • Do NOT answer Russian reports, leave those for the Russian community.
  • “Hello, (player name), … enjoy playing on our server!” is an automated reply hence will you only need to type the reply.

Some examples:

For chat violations if you have the proof and issued the punishment:

the player has been punished, thank you for reporting

How to get gold?

you may obtain gold by buying it on the Mineland store or saying “gg” at the end of a minigame

Where can I find Mine X in Prison?

you may use the /help or /mines command to find the coordinates of the respective mine

  • You’re required to follow the layout of punishing players like this: Rule X.X - Name Of Rule (Ex: Rule 2.1 - Violation of chat rules)
  • Please be reminded that you must punish players accordingly to the language they are using (EN or RU).

If the player has their language set to RU, click here to view the Russian rules. Use the command /who IGN to check their language. (Ex. /who iCherish)

If you are unsure of what the rule is, please refer to our English Discord or you can ask our fellow moders in-game.


Please check the Rules page for the updated version of the reasons.
Click here to view the Rules

:warning: Failure to comply with any of these rules may get you banned from 1 hour up to 14 days! :warning:

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