How KnockBack FFA got popular


In 2022 I was playing mineland and it was late at night. I got to sleep and started thinking about my work , life etc. Suddenly, I got an Idea of a brilliant server for minecraft I started doing some work for it. And, the first mini-game in it was KnockBack FFA. This was my original Idea inspired by sumo minigame.

Server Starting

At first the server was performing well. But, not much popular and after time and time I started facing issues
Can’t afford the prices .

And the day came in which the server was going down.

Server down

After the server was permanently down I became very sad and started thinking of something else and precautions I could’ve done to save the server.

But, than I re-started playing on mineland. And, I saw creative+ has unique games and players can make it.

Start of C+ Journey of opgamerXYT

I made my first game Squid Game Because that time it was really popular.

I took help from many players for builds and Codes.

It became kind of popular and wanted to continue it. But, slowly the trend of squid game dies so as my game.

I started thinking about more ideas. And i remembered the KnockBack FFA

And started making it while making it I learnt the basic coding and built and coded it by myself.


So, at first the game became very popular and BOOMMED. But, for some issues I deleted that game and built a new one. The concept and the map was same and it also boomed once it reached 20k+ visitors one of the admin griefed the whole game.

So, after seeing this I got sad and had to re+build before I rebuild it many copies were made. And, they got more and more popular. And, once i relaunched it , it didn’t got much popular. And, I got upset.

Current Status

The KnockBack FFA is also dead kind of. But, some games are still alive. And, to make it more alive I amde the KnockBack FFA once more.

Thanks to PrincexHaze for helping me out.

This journey was difficult but full of joy and enthusiasm.

I will keep making more and more games and will continue constantly upgrading KnockBack FFA (the latest one)

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Sorry a little bit of correction please note the year was 2021.

u were the only non ranker player who had a very successful game in early 2022

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Yee I guess so. I
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