How to connect email to MC (Mineland) account?

How to connect email to Mineland account in hub?
Because I have forgot my password and want to reset it.
I can log in on EN forum, but can’t on RU forum? Is that another account?

Help pls.

EN and RU forum are not the same. You must sign up to each of them individually.

This is from discord about password:
Unlinked Email »
Since you do not have a linked email, you’ll have to take some extra steps.
Please head to the mineland store and purchase the Restore your account package. Once you have please head to :robot:┃bot-commands and do /request password.
A ticket channel will show, please answer all the questions given and wait patiently.

Linked Email »
If you have linked an email you are able to change it with a simple command when running it in-game. Receiving it may take some time and make sure you have checked the spam section.
Command: /changepass

Linked Account to Discord »
If you have linked your ingame account to discord via the :link:┃account-linking, you may message @「/」Mineland Ingame and type Account restore it will provide you a temporary password which you may use to login. Do not share this with anyone and do make sure to change your password afterwards.

For any further assistance you can ask in Mineland’s discord # :ambulance:┃assistance-required channel

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