How to properly grow / run your c++ game | Or create one

How to c++

Oh my god stop making your damnable pvp parkours, if you didnt notice, NONE of them will grow to be huge. “But hayden, I have this! My @warn command has 2 @s! I have a vibrator item!?” No, your game doesn’t have anything unique to it
“Hayden I can /warp cumdump to see a sheep penetrator device” - No, shut up, and how tf does that make your game good.
“But I added @e spank bootie” - good for you, I don’t care and I am using you only for this post

So think about it, before you make a game:

is there allready a more popular game

Is this game original?

Why would users chose my game over the reference or other games of the topic

Don’t ever code these games:
Pvp parkour, mining simulator, and lifesteal. All of these ideas have been coded thousands of times, and there are only a handful of popular games.

Finally, during the process of running your game, think of it. What can I do to make the gameplay better for PLAYERS. Not staff, adding cool #warn or #setrank paramaters are useless if you don’t code anything else. Odds are, you aren’t ItsMeOpti, or any good coder. You shouldn’t go out of your way to make staff cosmetics. Because, these concepts are above your level.

Be honest, your game is small. Odds are, it never will be big. Not every player is lucky, and a lot of games, don’t get big. There are so many games, that are good, but have no visitors and no activity. Enjoy being able to work on your game and being owner. If you mainly focus on numbers, you’re never going to be happy. At the end of the day, if your game doesnt get popular, you would at least be happy that you had fun

How do I grow and run my game

Some players may say Oh, ad snipe
NO! If you snipe ads, people are going to join your game to raid, or make your life harder and you will only attract bad players.

“Oh I can code this, you’re worse than me”
Odds are, you’re not a perfect coder. Don’t be toxic to less experienced coders unless you can code ANYTHING in seconds, if not minutes. You are not that person, there is a 95% chance you arent a coding-supergenius or even, above average.

The real way to grow: Moderate your /ads, sometimes make a cool, colourful, or flashy ad in /cc. Maybe do it in /dc, or have a friend /ad for you! Try to constantly update, even if you get no players. Eventually, people will see how much hard work you put into your game and want to play it, or share it

And finally, shut up about the competitions, no. Your game isnt going to be in a competition, if you are seen in /cc, you will most likely get a disliked game. Make sure to be respectful to other games

Staff: Unless you are paying staff, you have no right to be a douche to them. If they have to go to school, I would let them. Because, in the end of the day, school is more important than my game. And yours


Seems to be useful ngl

well, this is just a little bit useful. Just look, there’s alot of good games that are not pvp parkour/mining sim/lifesteal, but they are all dying. Why? Because the players just go to play those pvp parkour/lifesteal game is main.