How to use the transfer block and what ways you can use them

Sorry if this is hard to understand since I dont have pictures to show what I mean.

To use the transfer block youll need the game event for the Send Data and Receive data areas.

First, you should go into your first game and make it like do a puzzle for something in another game.
After you do that, write down a code suggesting if the player finished that puzzle they would activate this code.

For this code, make it so that after they finished it would set a variable/array{saved} that would be sent to your other game and name the channel.
Remember the name of the channel.

Next, go into your other game and place down the transfer event block, grab a text and name it whatever your channel name was. Now right click with the text book onto the block.

Now, place down a set variable and make a variable for either current location or set name. Now do a recieve data and place down the channel and the dynamic variable you named.

Now, feel free to do whatever with the variable for your code. Like if variable equals then do smth or whatever or name equals.

This is especially useful in doing like if you have a gamepass in the first game you can still have it or it gives something else in your second game.
You can also make it so that you can claim stuff you achieved from first game to give you something in the second.

You can also use the transfer block to do other things in one game while working on your current game.
For example, you can use it to ban players whilst in another game, reset something in your first game while working on a second, and etc.

This block is quite useful in some circumstances but the best way to use it is probably just for the gamepass example, which you can do by simply making it so that if a player bought this gamepass,
it will send a variable to your other game, which basically gives that person a free item for donating in your first game.

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